using dry-rb for your API

An intermediate talk proposed by Rachel Lanman

I'd like to give a talk on how to use dry-rb to define and validate schema rules for your API params. I've found it succinct, easy to implement, and very useful for keeping verbose validation rules simple. Some features of this include: 1. Handles nested param data in a simple, easy to read syntax. 2. Instantiated contract objects from the controller, which pass your hashed params into the validator. The contract acts as a simplified type checker, as well as custom rule checker 3. Shared schemas makes it easy to keep the validation contracts DRY. You can simply include them into your contract object as needed. 4. Faster than Rails strong parameters and service objects to validate data. About me: I'm a rails developer in the gov-tech industry. I am currently the lead engineer at NextRequest. A public records request company which serves local and federal agencies in facilitating their public records requests.

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